What we do.

Managed IT Services.

Improve Technical Support and Reduce and Control IT Costs.

Managed IT services consist of outsourcing the coordination of anything IT-related, from office hardware maintenance to network security needs and cloud storage and computing services. A few examples include outsourced helpdesk, outsourced CIO’s, disaster recovery and back-up planning. If you’re not a very tech-savvy business, something as simple as forgetting to ensure all your antivirus software is up to date can risk an attack onset that could interrupt your business services and cause serious damage to internal security systems — as well as your company’s reputation.

InfoSys Associates has spent thousands of hours compiling Standards and Best practices derived from our years of experience. Our standards and best practices are constantly and consistently revised to reflect the ever-changing technology environment. Our customers experience a level of consistency which our competitors cannot provide.

The combination of our standards, people, tools, policy, and techniques which result in a unique approach to managing our clients’ IT nationwide. This approach aligns our goals with our client’s goals, delivering in a timely way that solves the technical challenges faced by SMB businesses.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to IT, as the needs of each enterprise can differ greatly as the needs of each enterprise can differ greatly.

With recent studies indicating that over 40% of cyberattacks are targeted at SMBs and that those who experience cyberattacks are generally out of business within six months, managed IT services are a great alternative for those organizations hoping to cut costs and maintain peace-of-mind. The costs are too high not to.

Regulatory Compliance.

Strengthen Security and Maintain Regulatory Compliance.

SMBs facing compliancy requirements are obligated to adhere to strict regulations. Some of these requirements are specific and others are quite vague. In both respects, these requirements are both proper, but also can be extremely burdensome.

The technology expertise required to integrate various compliancy approaches is immense. InfoSys Associates has spent thousands of man hours compiling processes then building a system of implementation and reporting documentation, specifically designed around SMB compliancy.

Our holistic business approach goes beyond individual silos of technology to encompass the entire organizations exposure to risk. Although a SMBs line of business application is compliant, that does not mean the entire organization’s business process is compliant.

Our compliancy process deliverable gives SMBs trackable and reportable documentation of employee training, risk assessments, policies and procedures in one place.

Managed Cybersecurity.

Accelerate Risk Response Times.

The ever-changing connected landscape of technology provides organizations faster and easier access to business systems. This access is not without risk. Bad actors are becoming increasingly aggressive to profit by incapacitating organizations and blackmail them. These attacks have become stunningly complex.

According to a 2019 study of SMB senior decision makers, 60% of organizations do not have any cybersecurity plan and 18% rank cybersecurity as a low priority. The National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of organizations victimized by cyberattacks go out of business in six months. With that knowledge why would any business leader choose to retain such a risk.

InfoSys Associates has been through the fire, recovering unprepared organizations from cyberattacks. These experiences have not been pleasant and obvious measures could have been taken to mitigate these events. Our standards and practices are routinely updated to reflect this constantly changing environment.

InfoSys Associates’ main objective is to mitigate the risk exposure of an organization and install response processes to keep an organization operational if a breach happens.

Office 365, Business Cloud, Email and VPN.

Harness the Cloud.

Microsoft has once again emerged as the leader in technology innovation. Microsoft’s 365 and Azure cloud solutions are the only compliant cloud solution an organization can sign a Business Affiliate agreement with, which is a requirement for compliancy.

InfoSys Associates has taken the Microsoft Azure 365 platform and built a solution for companies to leverage ‘Cloud’ with their existing business technology environment. Leveraging the cloud allows organizations to pay for only what they need and use. The fault tolerance and customizable business solutions within the Microsoft platform are far beyond what SMB organization can afford to do on their own.

Utilizing our standards and best practices as a foundation, Infosys’s incorporation and implementation of Microsoft Azure and 365 into our service offering brings new levels of functionality to the SMB.

Microsoft Azure and 365 has allowed InfoSys Associates to consistently provide business complex business solutions for SMBs at costs which ten years ago were unimaginable. From workstations to mobile devices and customer portals to secure data exchanges, Microsoft Azure and 365 allow InfoSys Associates to build your organization a solution which solves business problems and enhances business processes to reduce risk and increase profitability.